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Month: March 2023

How I built a 3D printed, AI (ChatGPT) enabled voice assistant — and what I learned in the process


Despite being a programmer of trade, I always loved tinkering with gadgets and electronics since I was a little kid. I had fun disassembling devices and in some cases (more frequently than not by accident), repairing them in the process. With that said, I am not an electronics engineer, but I have a knack for creating some fun devices using Arduino, ESP, and Raspberry Pi “platforms”. Such platforms provide me a way to use 3 different hobbies of mine: physical hardware implementation, 3D design (with 3D printing), and of course, programming.

Duenna AI – Tanulj nyelveket, mesterséges intelligencia segítségével!

Duenna AI egy olyan nyelvtanulást segítő alkalmazás, amivel párbeszédek segítségével sajátíthatjuk el a kiválasztott nyelvet.
A párbeszédeket pedig egy mesterséges intelligencia állítja elő a megadott feltételek alapján.

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